We were born with strength

It feels good to be doing well, right? OF COURSE it does.
When everything goes according to plan… we feel confident.
However, we all know that’s not when we gain our strength.

Strength has so many different meanings. The meaning I’m talking about right now is that inner, deep within our souls type of strength.

We gain that soul-strength from those moments we say to ourself, “I can’t do it anymore,” “I have nothing left in me.” Those moments where we struggle to smile, when the pressure in our chest is so strong that it hurts to breathe. Do you know what I mean?
I’ve had moments my peanut head feels like it weighs a ton – I cannot even pick the dang thing up to look myself in the mirror. That’s my breaking point.
I’m sure you can share a similar feeling…

But, somehow, some f_cking way we force ourself to get the hell out of bed and yep, that’s right, we keep on going. We keep going because we want the pain to go away. We subconsciously do things for ourself to mend our broken pieces.

Every single one of us has that soul-strength embedded within us. Don’t forget that… use it to fight against the struggle and keep pushing to overcome whatever it is you’re going through.
Rough times help us become stronger: mentally, emotionally stronger.
We all have it inside of us – we are all strong.

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