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about me

To get right to the point…

I’m an awkward human who’s hidden talent in life is connecting well with others.
Maybe because i’ve traveled all over, solo, and I had no choice but to get uncomfortable and make friends!?
Sharing my travel knowledge and experiences will be a big part of this network.
SO, if you have an itch to wander, but, don’t know where to go or not sure how to plan it… send me a message!

The internet is wild.

I was the last person to have any source of social media.
Really, I’m an old soul. I handwrite letters, look people in the eyes when they’re speaking, put my phone away during coffee dates and truly believe one on one human interaction is key to building a strong relationship. I’ve never been on a dating app and honestly, we all know you never know what to believe behind the screen. right?!
BUT, I’ve grown to admire the pros of it, like Barstools and College Confessions.
This community I’ve created won’t have much of a filter because I truly believe everyone should be their true self.
SO, when you contact me to be featured: Be positive, be sad, be an asshole, swear if you want, be humorous, be healthy and motivational – be YOU – let your content be a reflection of yourself. I LOVE it all.
People will either love you or hate you. Don’t try to bend who you are for the internet world. Your vibe attracts your tribe!! You agree?


I’m all about supporting local/small businesses.
If you’re an entrepreneur and want to promote your passion, let’s do it!
It’s 2019, word of mouth and the internet fuels us.

Quirky random facts:

I love love. my favorite is laughing. I cry happy tears. I prefer Merrell’s over heels and have no idea how to use make-up. I suck at telling stories. My friends know exactly when to tell me they’ve tuned me out. Ironically, being silent and observing makes me happy. I’m pro at “going-with-the-flow” but can be anal retentive. I love being outside, waterfalls, the shore, and sweating. OH and DOGS duh. ICE CREAM, too!
…What else did I miss, friends?

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