Dear Coach,

This past year has been a roller coaster ride for my Coach. When I say Coach I’m talking about my best friend, my soul mate, or as I introduce myself to his players “his roommate”.
As the significant other of a Coach, I just don’t think they receive enough credit for all they do. Whether it’s the logistics of the day to day office work, being a mentor for the players or other staff, cleaning up a mess of trouble someone is in, or making sure everyone is on track and has all the resources they may need to thrive and be successful. Alongside juggling a healthy, balanced home and social life. Lets not forget about the added pressure of feeling the obligations of taking care of family that many have had to move a good distance from.
If you’re not a part of a Coach’s day to day operations (like a significant other is) then you most definitely don’t understand what this career entails. 

As a coach, you must have a healthy mental space in order to adapt, handle, care for each of all the above’s different personalities and needs.
Keep in mind, everyone mentioned above all think they are the most important person and their feelings, opinions, wants must be tended to first and foremost.
Once you read that, doesn’t that seem like a lot of pressure put on one person?

Nobody ever thinks about what or how the coach is feeling…
yet everyone is very quick to criticize, judge, or comment on their every action.
Even those closest to them, have no idea what their daily life is like and do not hold back their expectations to do more.
SO that’s why I’m here to remind my human he’s appreciated and the absolute best.
AND I encourage you to do the same. ❤

Dear Roomie,

I see you. I hear you. I understand you. I cherish you. I adore you. I need you to know that 
I don’t believe you get recognized enough for all you do. Your passion towards a sport you 
love and dedication to a program and community you’ve grown to mend with.  Your strength to step 
outside of your comfort zone and move to a foreign city.  The genuine relationships you build 
to have a greater impact on all of those you come across.  Your heart that always has the right
intentions and wants the very best for everyone.
Your body language speaks magnitudes on it’s own. Your eyes say a whole lot more than you 
think. I sense when you’re exhausted and stressed. I understand that the pressure you feel 
from other’s is at times, too much to bear.  I know you feel misunderstood but don’t know 
how to explain how or why. Some days you believe strength is demonstrated by silence.
I may not always acknowledge it but I certainly notice all of the things you do for me and 
everyone in the midst of the chaos.  My heart knows you bite your tongue to settle a 
disagreement. You go out of your way to do things you may not always have the energy to do. 
I need you to know you’re entitled to say you’ve had enough or say you need a break.  You’re
encouraged to express the pressure or emotions of guilt when you feel you’re not doing enough 
for those closest to you.  It is not your responsibility to please everyone. It’s important to take 
care of you the same way you take care of everyone else.
I’ll be here to remind you that you are enough and you are doing enough. I'll stand by your 
side in the trying of times, support you through every endeavor.  I’ll remind you how much 
I appreciate all you do and how you’re my favorite human. I’ll do my very best to turn my 
opinions off and be the one to listen to understand your perception and guide you in any 
way I can. I will have nothing but the best intentions for you and all whom are in your life. 
I will help you find patience through any pandemonium and solution to any problem.
I will always be your number one fan, the one most proud of you and loudest in the stands. 

All of me, loves all of you

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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